Quiz Master


The Quiz Master is a computer game designed to help educate youth (grade school) on various water subjects while utilizing the students’ familiarity and enjoyment of computers. The Quiz Master program is a stand-alone software package designed for PC’s. The current Quiz Master program is equipped with the Water Quiz, which consists of a series of questions regarding water subjects in a multiple choice format. The user clicks on the user’s choice for the correct answer. If correct, the program advances to the next question. If the selection is incorrect, the program asks for another selection, requiring the user to know or discover the correct information for each question, and thus enhancing the educational aspects of the program. Water Quiz has hundreds of questions in its database. Each time the program selects a new random set of questions, meaning a user can repeat the Water Quiz multiple times without repeating the same question series. The Water Quiz Master (teacher) has control over the number of questions asked in a quiz, the difficulty level, and subject categories.